Race Running Update

We are still working hard to set up our Race Running Club in East London

Since the taster event I have found that many of my Physiotherapy sessions have become training sessions instead.

Kids wanting to get fitter so they can perform better next time they get on their Runners!!

This is wonderful, the children are really motivated and enjoying being treated like atheletes in training.

We really need to get these kids back on the Race Runners as soon as possible. I am meeting with our local Rotary Club next week, who will hopefully feel the cause is worhty and have suggested they may be able to buy the club a couple of runners!

We have also put together some fundraising materials and a page for donations. Please share these around to help raise money for the Race Runners. The coaches are there and waiting, I am free and eager to start supporting the kids on Sunday mornings so all we need is the money to buy the bikes.

A RaceRunning Club for East London

Our Fundraising page: https://www.accesssport.org.uk/fundraisers/a-racerunning-club-for-east-london

Please share this link or brochure and consider donating to help us get this club up and running as soon as we can.

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