At the ABM workshop I met Jean-Pierre, who is a bit of a celebrity in the world of Children’s Therapy. He encouraged me to book onto his MAES (Movement Analysis and Education Strategies) training course. His approach also works on upgrading the way the brain works, but unlike Anat Baniel (ABM) Jean-Pierre is a specialist in working with babies and children with Cerebral Palsy – with over 25 years’ experience.

So, I booked onto the training course! Why wouldn’t I: He has spent 25 years working on and developing his framework – I am only 1 year in really, to specialising an working solely on treating children with Cerebral Palsy and similar neurodevelopmental conditions. I feel privileged to be able to learn from him and hopefully bring some of the amazing results he achieves with the children he works with, to the families and children I am treating.

Jean-Pierre is another gifted therapist who looks like he has magic hands when he is working with children, in his hands children move in ways they have never before been able! But he assured me at the workshop that on the course he will share the secrets of his handling.


I have just returned from 2 weeks in Somerset, where I attended Part 1 of the MAES Course with Jean Pierre and 9 other therapists. I can tell you I was not disappointed – we are learning the secrets behind the magic handling and so much more.  This course is making me look at Cerebral Palsy and therapy input in a very different way to how I have considered it in the past.

I still have 2 more weeks at the end of September to go so won’t say much more on here until I have completed the course, worked a bit with it and then I will share my reflections.

But I wanted to post this as I have had several families already, asking about ABM following my last post. If you are eager to explore this type of therapy approach then I would recommend looking at MAES, for several reasons – I know more about it than I do ABM and it is a specialist approach/ framework developed through Jean-Pierre’s extensive experience and background working with babies with developmental delay and children with coordination difficulties, movement disorders and whose difficulties are complex and neurological in nature, such as Cerebral Palsy.