Hello and Welcome to my blog

Who am I?

I’m Ellie – Mum of two wonderful boys, married to a childminder, and a Children’s Physiotherapist.

I started working in Paediatrics in 2008 and specialise in the assessment, management and treatment of children and young people -from 0-25 Рwith developmental delay and complex multiple needs that affects their function.  I have experience working with children with a variety of conditions, and their carers, including children with neurological, orthopaedic and developmental problems.

I have a special interest and knowledge in the provision of early intervention for; preemies (having had both my boys early – at 34 then 30 weeks gestation) and children with Cerebral Palsy.

I am Bobath Trained and adopt a holistic approach to management of children with Cerebral Palsy and other developmental disabilities. I am also trained in Sensory Integration Techniques to combine with NDT therapy. I work very closely with Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists where ever possible, as I strongly believe a great part of my role as a Physiotherapist is to reduce the impact a child’s disability has on their ability to function, participate, communicate and achieve.

I have worked in the NHS for 9 years, until recently, working with the Children’s Therapy Team in Newham. In July last year I left my NHS post (for lots of reasons, but mainly because I love treating children, and that is what I am good at, and I get to do loads more of it working independently). So I am now going it alone – working in East London, supporting children and families, and doing it my way – which I am loving.

However, I believe that really children and families shouldn’t have to pay to be reassured about their child’s development or to support their child with a disability. But I do still have a family to support so can’t work for free, so…

I thought I would write a blog – I can offer advice and answers to some of the questions I most commonly get asked. I can signpost families to guidelines that could support you to fight for what your child needs and offer tips to help negotiate your way through NHS services and treatment approaches that are out their.

I hope my posts are helpful and informative and interesting. If you want to chat to me and ask a specific question please add comments as there will probably be others out there with the same queries. If you want to chat privately my email and phone number are on the contact me page.

Enjoy my blog and please – I’m new to this so be gentle with me whilst i get to grips with blogging. Give your feedback freely so I can make my pages as useful as possible.

One more thing – To other Paeds Physio’s out there – please feel free to comment and agree/disagree with anything I post, I love a healthy debate.

Nearly done… To parents and carers – one of the wonderful things about Paediatric Physiotherapy is that there are nearly as many approaches to treat children as their are variations in children themselves. No child is the same so no one approach will work the same for every child. So there will always be differing opinions¬† about approaches. The way I look at it is; as long as we are working with families and children; talking about what works and what doesn’t; sharing good practice; and always striving to learn more & improve our skills your children are in safe hands.